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Loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Loans with Financial Credit Institutions are credits that are approved even as part of the Rai or Financial Credit Institutions defaulter lists.

Repeatedly, for any reason, we fall into delinquent files, which translates into not being able to consolidate any type of loan or accreditation that you wish to request from banks in the state.

This is because those entities see this feature of the client as too risky a matter for their own profit and the recovery of the money they lend.

That is why the innovative wave of Loans with Financial Credit Institutions have been increasing their popularity in the last 5 years or so.

Conditions to obtain Loans with Financial Credit Institutions

Conditions to obtain Loans with Financial Credit Institutions

The companies of this type, that finance Loans with Financial Credit Institutions commit themselves not to realize any type of investigations about the financial history of the applicants of the loan, and neither of his family nor thus they will ask him for what he will use the money.

The alternative financial entities that are now in charge of providing loans with Financial Credit Institutions can freely and without limitations offer this loan request without harming or generating another problem for the person who wishes to be benefited.

On the other hand, the returns of Loans with Financial Credit Institutions, pose to the client several payment choices that you can choose according to your convenience, and so you can pay dues for a maximum of fifteen years, but not less than one, all this as permitted your particular situation This will be defined from the beginning and agreed with the company at the time of signing the financing contract and before carrying out the cash operation.

How much can I get by applying for Loans with Financial Credit Institutions?

An amount can not be fixed exactly when we request loans with Financial Credit Institutions, since everything will depend on the risk factors of each financial identity.

Some of the amounts that may be approved for us when applying for a loan with Financial Credit Institutions are the following:

  • From 500 to 750 euros if we hire a mini-credit: These are usually not of a very high amount, since they are designed to solve small improvised. They must be reimbursed within a maximum period of 30 days.
  • Up to 500 euros if we ask for a quick credit for Moors: your fee can usually be paid in 36 months.
  • From 300,000 to 600,000 euros if we opt for a loan with a mortgage guarantee: If we use this means of financing, we can get up to 40% of appraised property with a maximum of 300,000 euros to apply for 600,000 euros. Their settlement periods are usually very long, up to 20 years.

Are Loans with Financial Credit Institutions canceled in advance?

The Loans with Financial Credit Institutions and payroll only require a house as collateral, we are endorsed by a notary. After which you can pay them in easy installments until you finish paying.

So the possibility that there is in the cancellation period is that, in case you recover financially and have a solid solvency again, you can liquidate two or more installments of the debt contracted through this service. In this case the settlement of Loans with Financial Credit Institutions is 0, 5% for the first 5 years and 0.25% for the following.